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Trip Across America

Instead of flying back for Christmas I decided to drive. I wanted to see America, reflect on some things, and basically get the hell away from people for a minute. So I rented a car for 15 days and hit the road. I documented the entire trip on SnapChat and really enjoyed trolling national monuments. Whether it was dressing as Harambe at the Grand Canyon or wearing a SkankHunt42 jersey on the exact spot JFK was assassinated. It gave me some laughs and much needed down time. Here's a quick breakdown of my trip:

- Drive over 5,000 miles in 15 days

- Drove thru 12 states

- Masturbated in 7 different hotels

- Did not eat 1 vegetable the entire time

- Listened to 16 hours of Howard Stern interviews on SiriusXM

- Realized how much I love 80s and 90s pop music

- Was raped by truckers at a rest stop in Tucumcari, New Mexico

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