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Stop Being a Life Homer

When did we become a country that can't admit when we're wrong? When did we become so blinded by our loyalty to a sports team or political party that we can't just take a loss? Everyday I go on social media to peruse the news and everyday it's just idiots refusing to accept facts. It's a fact that Donald Trump won the election. Just like it's a fact that Barack Obama won the previous two elections. So I ask myself: why do these people put forth so much time and effort to spew their angry thoughts onto social media? Obama didn't turn America into a socialist country like all the conservatives said. And I don't think Trump is going to turn America into a Nazi regime.

When did we become such pussies that we couldn't just take "L" like a man. Whether it's sports or politics I see this shit EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's nothing but excuses left and right. "Well the refs were bad...we got bad calls...If our star Running Back wasn't hurt we totally would have won." Or "The Russians totally rigged the election for Trump....Hillary won the popular vote so she should be President." We really need to bring back the saying: "No one likes a sore loser" because the United States has turned into one giant melting pot of whiny sore losers.

Here's an idea: Instead of bitching with countless excuses, how about looking for some reasons why your team or candidate didn't win. Your 6 paragraph rant on Facebook will literally accomplish nothing...not a goddam thing. You just look like a whiny little bitch. The next time you blow up my FB feed or Twitter timeline with your garbage hot takes I hope your phone catches on fire. Sure, I'm complaining right now, so maybe I'm actually part of the problem. But at least I can take a loss and find humor when my team loses in heartbreaking fashion. So the next time you're ready to share with the world that Charles Dickens novel about why your team got hosed, or the election didn't turn out the way you wanted, just remember this: Andy Ruther will troll the shit out of you!

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