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United States of Experts

When did every American become an expert on everything? As I write this blog our country just witnessed the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history. Sadly, the Las Vegas shooter will be topped by someone else. Someone just as evil, vile, and heartless who wants to see nothing but death and destruction. But on a day when people should be morning the loss of innocent lives taken away unjustly during a concert, I see something else on social media. I see everyone offering their amazing solutions. Apparently every American knows how to stop gun violence, mass murder, and a homicidal asshole from killing innocent people. I’m just so glad every American has it figured out because I don’t know the answer.

I don’t know the answer because it’s complicated and I’m just a schmuck who makes a living telling jokes and hosting a twice weekly sports podcast. Sure I have my opinions, but I also know I’m not an expert. I wish more Americans would feel the same when it comes to complicated matters like race relations, foreign policy, gun control, immigration, law enforcement etc…If there was an easy solution for these issues they’d be fixed already. So put down your phone, stop posting your 6 paragraph thesis on Facebook, and get back to work. If you’re a teacher, go teach math. If you’re an engineer go design things, that’s why you went to college. If you’re a construction worker go build things. Why does everyone think they’re an expert on all things America? When did every American suddenly become the know-it-all that everyone hated in grade school? You know when you go to a party and there’s that one person who thinks they know everything about everything subject? Guess what, everyone hates that person, so don’t be that douche on social media.

It’s ironic that Kendrick Lamar’s song “Humble” is so popular because no one has humility anymore. We know everything. Every American has the solution to North Korea, ISIS, police brutality, health care, and the failing inner city public school systems. Dear America - It’s ok to mutter the words: “I don’t know what the solution is.” It’s also fine to engage in discussions with people from different points of view. Listening is a good thing and so is admitting when you’re wrong. I’m wrong all the damn time. I literally talk sports, write about sports, watch sports, and host a show about sports. But my sports analysis is still wrong ALL THE TIME. But that’s fine because I’m not an expert. I’m a guy who never played beyond high school football, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love the game of football. I love the beauty of the game, the hits, and the amazing catches from men with remarkable athletic ability. But that doesn’t make me an expert on the sport. If I was an expert I’d be a general manager of an NFL franchise or a talent scout. Instead I’m just an unknown comic sitting on my couch in mesh shorts every Sunday shoving pizza in my face.

So when the next awful tragedy happens or a possible nuclear crisis arises just remember…you’re a guy who works in finance. This isn’t your area of expertise, so sit this one out. Just because you have Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean you have to use it. Brian from accounting is not solving the solution to Kim Jong-un’s desire to set off a nuclear warhead. Now If Kim Jong needs some help with his taxes Brian will be the first one on his speed dial. So close those laptops, put down those phones and turn off those iPads. Silence and reflection can be a wonderful thing, try it out sometime.

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