I Miss...

October 13, 2017



I miss simpler times.


I miss being able to say a joke without instantly being labeled a racist.


I miss being able to say a joke without being labeled a liberal pussy.


I miss watching sports without being reminded of cancer or politics.


I miss sports highlights with witty commentary.


I miss getting to know someone in person and not by stalking their social media.


I miss being able to enjoy someone’s work without caring about their political ideology.


I miss being able to watch a movie without going into a IMDB rabbit hole.


I miss being able to enjoy a sunset without posting the picture on Instagram.


I miss looking someone in the eye, instead of looking at their Twitter bio.


I miss handwritten cards delivered in the mail.


I miss being able to eat a meal without worrying about cancer.


I miss not caring about GMOs or free range chickens.


I miss living in a world that shoved gluten down its throat.


I miss taking a dog for a walk without being asked “is your dog a rescue?”


I miss a world where everyone wasn’t given a label for having an opinion.


I miss when birthdays were only for children.


I miss when birthdays only lasted one day.


I miss courtesy and politeness from human beings.


I miss being able to feel safe going to see a movie.


I miss funny Halloween costumes.


I miss being able to go on social media without seeing the name Trump.


I miss simpler times. 

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